from last night

i essentially had a vision last night.

Because of it i am looking forward tot he end of 2009.

Because as God as my witness....i am going to skull fuck 2010.

Just sayin

last nights concert was pretty awesome. I had never seen Rodrigo y Gabrielle before but will def see them again. Whenever that is. They dont tour the US too often or for too long.

Then walked on to Pony bar and had a few drinks with obifu as gentleman.

 tonight is my NY cares orientation and then bouncer time.

tomorrow morning should be fun.

tix for sale

i will more then liekly not be able to goto the yankee game tomorrow because i might have to go to the wake of a high school friend who has just passed away.

the tickets are 90 each (face value)

if any of you want them let me know.


Damn you Century 21 for your bargain prices on name brand clothing.

i guess i didnt need an XBox 360 this month anyway.