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01:29pm 11/02/2010
   i'm on day one of a 5 days weekend.

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from last night   
04:40pm 30/12/2009
  i essentially had a vision last night.

Because of it i am looking forward tot he end of 2009.

Because as God as my witness....i am going to skull fuck 2010.
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12:56am 11/12/2009

For the record my "annoying friend" is actually just rambunctious and I love him dearly. No homo.

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sick day   
01:07pm 14/10/2009

Waiting here in the doctors office.... This is going to be a long day I fear.

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Just sayin   
10:49am 17/09/2009
  last nights concert was pretty awesome. I had never seen Rodrigo y Gabrielle before but will def see them again. Whenever that is. They dont tour the US too often or for too long.

Then walked on to Pony bar and had a few drinks with obifu as gentleman.

 tonight is my NY cares orientation and then bouncer time.

tomorrow morning should be fun.
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tix for sale   
09:52am 25/08/2009
  i will more then liekly not be able to goto the yankee game tomorrow because i might have to go to the wake of a high school friend who has just passed away.

the tickets are 90 each (face value)

if any of you want them let me know.
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sad but true   
10:44pm 20/08/2009
  i officialy weight less then i didn my junior yeat of high school and i wear smaller pants WTF??!?!  
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farewell to my fave fat guy   
12:03pm 05/05/2009
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03:48pm 21/04/2009
  what has 2 thumbs and just convince his mom to deliver home made food to his house tonight?

this guy
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03:11pm 15/04/2009
  Damn you Century 21 for your bargain prices on name brand clothing.

i guess i didnt need an XBox 360 this month anyway.
12:26pm 09/04/2009
  If any of you know someone who is looking to move soon or looking for a place in the city,  please let them know that i have a room open in my place.

I much rather get someone through a friend then have to filter out the craigslist crew.
food fun   
12:46pm 31/03/2009
  last night i ordered dinner to to go from Red Bamboo.

I always love going into that place after work because it always contains an example of almost every cliche village and williamsburg stereo-type.

skinny jeans....stretched out ear piercings...girls with full sleeve tats.....etc
and the Fake BBQ wings they make there are insane.
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WTF people!?!?   
12:07am 30/03/2009
   i guess going after a school of blind toddlers might have been too easy.

just insane
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old but respected enemy   
02:29pm 23/03/2009
Curt Schilling retired today. Ending an era in which the Red Sox not only broke the back of my beloved yankees...but also took home 2 rings. He was a gamer for sure.

With that said, if i had my chance i would have him beaten....then held down while a conga line of old crack whores shit in his mouth to the point in which you could no long see his head. Said feicies would then be set on fire. Creating a cooked shit burial mask. I hope he finds on that orally pleasuiring yourself causes you to go blind. Then he goes blind. Fuck the bloody sock.

A respected enemy indeed.
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10:49am 22/03/2009
  someone left keys at my house last night.

 they have a small swiss army knife...a NYSC pass....and a petco club member pass......
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i cant lie...   
12:51pm 18/03/2009
  If i ever get married this song would have been high in the running for "couple first dance".
Along with, The Flamingos - I only have eyes for you and The Charmels - never grow old.

But thanks to this weekend....i guess not

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A party you might like.   
10:40am 05/03/2009
  There will be a St. Patricks gathering at my house on March 21st.

Same house rules as ever . Same drinking rules as ever.

Kick off starts at 3pm.

No breaking of anything this year.....i hope.
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02:58pm 29/01/2009
  how long should you wait before you get drunk and let your buddy know that would much rather watch flys fuck on drying pain then speak with their girlfriend?
So boring. 


according to recent news, 4.8 million people are currently receiving unemploymnt benefits......makes me think my job aint so bad.
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good afternoon   
03:00pm 22/01/2009
  what has 2 thumbs and just ordered some girl scout cookies? yeah..this guy  
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10:46am 15/01/2009
Classic latin actor Riccado Montalban died this week.

While many people make comment to his character in the star trek series and movie of Khan.

I would like to remeber him in a better way.

As a Smooth pimp that rocked more white women then the first lifeboat on the Titanic.